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Meet Your Host

This portion can be written in third person or first person, whichever you prefer. I figured we would put your name, how long you've been at the park and maybe a fun fact or two or just state that you're always around to help!


Important Park Information


Wifi Name:


Provider: SignalNet


Laundry Room Code: 4444

Note: Please be respectful and clean out the washer and dryer after usage.

Trash Pick Up is Monday and Friday

Note: Please BREAK DOWN your boxes. See all trash rules below.


Mowing Schedule is Mon-Fri

Park Rules


We encourage residents to have patios or a deck! We only require that the design and location be approved by the owner. Contact your Park Host to get permission. The decking supports must not be anchored into the ground. The resident is responsible for removing the patio/deck at the time of vacating the lot. Failure to do so will result in loss of deposit and/or additional fees.


Wifi is provided by Hickman Luxury RV Parks. Please do not abuse this. Illegal downloading is strictly prohibited. Any illegal internet activity will result in removal from the park and possible fees. You will be held solely accountable for any legal ramifications.

Length of Stay

These parks are intended to facilitate long term stays. Spaces will be rented for a minimum period of one (1) month. Residents may leave anytime at their convenience, but there will be NO REFUND FOR PARTIAL MONTHS. Failure to provide a 30-day move out notice will result in a loss of deposit.


Hickman Luxury RV Parks is responsible for all lawn and property maintenance; however, your yard is your responsibility. Please keep it tidy. We encourage decorating your yard, but no plants or trees can be planted directly into the ground. For lawn care, do not store any items in the yard and make sure dog waste is picked up. You are REQUIRED to have a Sewer Hose Support for your rig. We also recommend a Pressure Regulator, though that is not required.


Your lot can accommodate two vehicles. All vehicles need current registration. You may not preform maintenance or wash your vehicles at the park. We do not allow trailers to be parked in your lot. If you need additional parking, contact the Park Host. DO NOT park in your neighbor’s lot.


Limit 3 dogs per lot. Your pet is your responsibility. They must be secure if they are left alone. Excessive barking will NOT be tolerated. If we receive complaints, you may be asked to leave. (Please see the Park Host for possible solutions to resolve the problem). Be mindful of others and clean up after your pet. Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinchers, and Chow Chows are not allowed on the property (unless they are a registered service dog). Your pet must be leashed when not in your yard or the dog park. Dog Parks are useable by ALL residents; however, you MUST pick up after your dog. Each park has a dog waste station for your convenience. You may NOT leave your dog unattended at the dog park.


Aurora Gardens is ADULT ONLY parks. Therefore, we do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to reside here. You may have relatives under 18 visit the park, but they may not live with you. All other parks allow children.

Satellite Dishes

You may have a satellite dish, but they are NOT ALLOWED to be fixed to the fences or storage building. They MUST be mounted on your RV or to any other non-penetrating mount.

Speed & Noise Limit

We do have speed limit signs posted. Please keep your speed at 5 MPH and noise to a comfortable level. Quiet Hours from 9pm-8am. Loud disruptions will lead to a warning and can result in removal.


Please tie your trash in a plastic bag before putting it into the dumpster or trash receptacle. DO NOT over fill the dumpster. Contact the Park Host if there is an issue with the trash being full. All boxes MUST be broken down before disposal. No large items such as furniture, appliances, etc. allowed in the dumpster.

Local Necessities 

(972) 736-3901 (office)

2000 E Princeton Drive
Princeton, TX 75407

7777 FM 546
Princeton, TX 75407

(469) 502-4196

(972) 699-5250

670 W Princeton Dr #400a
Princeton, TX 75407

3084 N Goliad St Suite 104   Rockwall, TX 75087

(469) 769-7222


(800) 275-8777

621 E Princeton Dr
Princeton, TX 75407

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